Gill O'Shea

Gillian O'Shea Artist
Gill O'Shea currently lives and works in Dublin. Gill produces watercolour paintings rendered in vivid and vibrant colours. The subject of her painting is usually a strong, striking, single live subject - a person or animal. The aim of Gills work is to capture the essence, character and intensity of the sitter, in a way which evokes an emotional yet aesthetically pleasing response for the viewer. Although Gills work is largely representational, it offers a fresh take on familiar subjects such that is accessible and engaging to viewers of all ages. "I believe visual art should enliven the senses and be inclusive rather than exclusive. I mainly work from a limited palette of five or six colours, and my loose style is achieved by painting the image directly onto the paper without any preliminary guidelines or under drawing."  Gill studied Fine Art in Dublin (Ireland) Institute of Technology and graduated with a first class honours degree in 2005. Since graduating. In July 2015 ‘Dabble in Art’ was created.
You can find out more about Gill on her website: