Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions


You acknowledge and agree that all material and content supplied as part of the website is protected by copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights.

You are not allowed to, reproduce or distribute any site content without the express permission of the owner of the site content.

You should assume that the site and all software made available to you by Pixalili are protected by copyright or other proprietary rights. The site and software will remain the property of Pixalili. You are not entitled to transmit, copy, reproduce, publish, display, distribute, commercially exploit or create derivative works of such material and content.

We assume that you own the right to print the images or designs that you send us to print. If you buy images be sure to check what rights you are purchasing with the image, for example some may allow you to reproduce the design for personal use but not for resale. If in doubt it is best to use your own images or designs.

You cannot upload designs to Pixalili that you don’t own or have permission to reproduce. Whether or not you have legal permission to reproduce a design is not something we can determine for you. It is your responsibility to understand the permissions associated with any design you upload. If you believe a design on our site violates your copyright, please notify us by email at help(at)pixalili(dot)com

In order to run Pixalili we have to be able to do things like reproduce and distribute the designs you upload, that said at all times you retain both copyright and control over your designs. We will not sell, share, or reproduce your work except as necessary to run our service and our Web site. At Pixalili we want to empower creative people, not to take advantage of them.

By using our service you agree to hold Pixalili, its parent company, directors, shareholders, employees and associates free from all claims, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses incurred in relation to you or your representative’s submission of any copyrighted work to Pixalili which may be ruled to be subject to infringement.

Standards. We place great faith in the good judgment of our creative community. Our Web site is used by people of all ages, from countries around the world. For that reason we discourage the publication of designs that might be considered offensive or inappropriate. Designs are private by default and we reserve the right to make public designs private or to remove them altogether should we deem them unsuitable.

Terms and Conditions continued

We are very proud of the quality of the printed fabrics we supply, but there are some natural limitations to the quality and we want you to be aware of these before you place an order. To ensure the process runs smoothly we have set out in our terms and conditions below.

Image Resolution

It is recommended that images are uploaded with a resolution between 150 – 300 pixels per inch (ppi) to ensure the best quality print. We accept no responsibility for the quality of your image and any resulting loss of quality when printed.

Limitations – Irregularities in the fabric
Our fabrics are made from natural fibres, there may be some slight irregularities in the texture or print, or occasional ‘pulls’ in the fibres which result in slight variances in print. There can also be small discolourations on the fabric that is due to stubborn natural cotton fibres not taking to the bleaching of the fabrics. Loose fibres on the fabric may come off during the process after printing, resulting in an unprinted spot on the print. These are outside of our control.

Limitations - Loss of detail
Fabrics are a natural material with uneven surfaces and some loss of detail can therefore be expected when printing onto fabric.

Limitations - Fabric Specific
All fabrics are subject the limitations set out in the Terms & Conditions. Additionally, some fabrics have their own characteristics.

Drill and Linen are fabrics which are prone to creasing which can affect print quality. This can be particularly noticeable on block colours and is a natural limitation of the fabric and not a fault. Please contact us first if you are unsure or would like more details. We would always recommend that our customers order a test sample prior to placing an order for meterage of any of out fabrics, to ensure you are satisfied with the result.

Limitations – Printing ‘on-grain’
Our fabrics are pre-treated to ensure that the colours fix during the post treatment process. During the pre-treatment process the grain across the fabric can move slightly. This is controlled by our supplier to be within a tolerance of 2cm across the full width of the fabric. We cannot be responsible for variations of prints being ‘on-grain’ within this limit. This is more noticeable on some fabrics than others and is most noticeable at the selvedge edges of the fabric.

Limitations – Movement of fibres
Viewing a design on a computer screen or printed onto a smooth stable media such as paper will be different to the same design being printed onto fabric. An allowance needs to be made when printing onto fabric to account for the natural weave of the fabric fibres and the changes in texture across the media surface. Movement of fibres is to be expected during a printing and processing procedure. Our process involves heat treatment to fix the fabrics after they have been printed. During these processes the fabric may pull or shrink slightly unevenly. Geometric designs in particular can be very sensitive to the fibre movement and may become distorted. As this results from the natural fibres of the fabrics and is outside of our control we cannot be held responsible for any fabric movement or shifting.

Limitations - Colour Variances
Colours may vary slightly within a print. This is more likely to occur on, although is not limited to, longer prints and prints that mostly consists of block or single colours.

Limitations – Colour matches between print runs
Colours may vary slightly between prints as fabric rolls can vary marginally between batches. This can result in some slight differences between fabrics on longer print runs or prints ordered at different times.

Size tolerances
Printed fabrics are heat treated as part of our printing process, which can cause some shrinkage. We adjust design sizes based on average shrinkage prior to printing, although being a natural fibre this shrinkage can vary and so some size variances may occur.

Continuous fabric lengths
The maximum continuous printed fabric piece we supply is 10 metres. If your order is longer than this we will print your fabric in maximum order lengths with the remainder as a separate piece. For example, if you order 12 metres of plain cotton, you will receive a 10 metre piece and a 2 metre piece. If you require a specific split, please enter this in the comments box when you order, or email us at hello(at)pixalili(dot)com

Image orientation
Your image will be printed in the same orientation that you send it to us. So the top of your image will be across the width of the fabric and the left and right sides parallel to the selvage.

Image Viewer
The image viewer on the Pixalili website shows an approximation of how your image will print. Image position or repeat may vary with respect to the edges of the fabric. 

Our printer is calibrated to print the colours from images as accurately as possible. We will not be responsible if the printed colours are not as you expected. Please contact us first if you need an exact colour match and we will do our best to help you. We always recommend purchasing a sample size before ordering by the metre to allow you to check colours.

Our fabrics are not washed in our printing process and can be dry cleaned or machine washed with detergent at a recommended 30°C. Cottons and linen can be ironed using a cotton setting with steam. As with all fabrics, it is a natural limitation that colours may start to fade after washing and colours may not look quite as bright. The fabric may incur some shrinkage during washing, which is outside of our control.

Inappropriate images
We will not print any images or designs we deem to be inappropriate. This includes images that are indecent, pornographic, threatening, abusive, defamatory, libellous etc. This is solely at our discretion.

Storing images
We will never pass your images on to any third party without your prior permission. Images may be stored on our print system during processing and will be periodically deleted. Images that you have uploaded to our website will be stored within our webhosting server space and security will be managed by our webhosting company.

Once you have an account on our website you may choose to share your designs in our community area. You are responsible for your own designs added to this area. We may use designs you have selected to be added to this area on other areas of our website, marketing or social media sites. We will always credit the designer.

Personal Data
We hold data that will enable us to contact you about news, promotions or other information that may interest you about Pixalili. This is managed by a third party mailing service. We will never pass your details on to any other person or company. If you do not wish to be part of our mailing list then you may unsubscribe at any time.

Payment is required in full through our online payment system when placing an order. We will not print an order until payment has cleared.

Delivery and Lead Times
Orders are usually dispatched within 10 working days of payment clearing and receipt of a suitable design or image for printing, subject to stock availability. Orders over 10 metres are likely to take longer than this. We will contact you if a delay is likely.


We hope that you will be completely satisfied with your printed fabric, however due to the bespoke nature of our service Pixalili will only consider returns where there is a fault in the base fabric or print. Any fault must be reported to us within 7 workings of receipt of the item.  After 7 days we assume you are happy to accept your fabric. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns unless the item is faulty, in which case you will need to return the fabric to us at your own expense. Upon receipt we will inspect the fabric, if we accept that here is a fault then you will be receive a refund you fully including postage costs for returning.


You the customer are responsible for payment of transportation costs, insurance and any custom charges that may be incurred in the delivery of your product, unless otherwise stated by Pixalili.


Pixalili cannot guarantee that through accessing this website this will not cause any loss or damage to any equipment used. It is your responsibility to take the necessary precautions to protect your computer from potential harm such as software viruses.

Default or Late Payments

Any default in payments by the buyers shall entitle the Sellers to suspend or cancel any undelivered portion of any contract at their option preserving all other rights

Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts at the rate of 1.5% per four weeks.