Eibhilin Crossan


Eibhilin Crossan is a contemporary Irish artist based in Longford. She holds degree in Art Education from NCAD, where she specialised in Painting. She also qualified as a Primary School teacher and has practised teaching for many years. 

Eibhilin's artwork shows a passion for vibrant colour, texture and pattern. She enjoys exploring a variety of subjects including faces, flowers, and abstracted landscapes.

Eibhilin works predominantly in Acrylic paint and Ink, on both canvas and paper.

"My work is about expressing a mood, a feeling and I am constantly inspired by my environment, especially water and trees. I live surrounded by trees and foliage, so it's not surprising that nature influences my work a lot!  I paint intuitively, in layers, following my curiosity. My paintings are always an emerging process and I welcome the accidental and random effects that can occur, especially when working with ink and water.  My style is ever evolving, as I love the freedom of experimenting with techniques and materials. The act of painting brings me great joy and I hope my work makes people happy.''