Creating your design

File Format
Ideally your design file should be created and saved as a  JPEG, PDF  or PNG 

TIFF files are not supported but you can email Tiff files to us at

Our colour made is RGB although our printer will print CMYK the colours will be represented as RGB .  It is strongly recommended that you order a sample swatch of your design to check colours before printing larger amounts.

A minimum resolution of 180ppi (pixels per inch) should be used. Ideally, designs should be created with a resolution of 300ppi to get the best print quality.

File Size
Maximum file size to upload to us is 20MB. If your file is larger than this, please email us at 

Design Size - Can I create my design full size to fit the fabric?
Yes, although file sizes should not exceed 20MB.

Repeat Options
The following repeat options are available to repeat your design tile across your fabric.

Square Also known as basic or block repeat, the design is repeated vertically and horizontally as a simple grid.

Half-drop Alternate columns (vertical) of the square repeat grid are ‘dropped’ by half the height of the design tile to create the half-drop repeat pattern.

Half Brick Alternate rows (horizontal) of the square repeat grid are shifted sideways by half the width of the design tile to create the brick repeat pattern.

Centred Design is centred on the fabric piece. This option can be used if the design has been created to the exact size of the fabric you require or for single images such as photographs


Tiles & Repeats
You can create a design tile, upload it using our ordering process and repeat your tile using our viewer to see how it will look when printed. Designs are not checked by us prior to printing – it is your responsibility to check that your repeats work before ordering. We highly recommend ordering a test swatch to be sure your design is printing the way you expect it to.

Copyright remains with you the designer.