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Fanad lighthouse Tote bag

Fanad lighthouse Tote bag

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On a sharply cold, bright and breezy windswept day in April we took a drive out to the Northern shore where Fanad lighthouse stands so beautiful stalwart on this rugged edge off the coast of Donegal. The wind was sharp and keen and invigorating. Lucy and her wee friend Anna ran around in excitement investigating every nook and cranny, laughing and giggling. The waves swelled and crashed upon the rocks. Myself and Susan stood in wonder of the raw beauty of it all and asked ourselves why we didn't take time to do this more often. A perfect day !  In commemoration of that day we commissioned Irish Artist is Lani Gregory to recreate the memory.  

The Artist is Lani Gregory


Each tote is hand washable or spot clean with a mild non-bio detergent. The tote bag has a black straps, is printed with eco friendly pigment inks onto 100% Cotton Drill and is hand crafted in Ireland.

To know more about Lani you can visit her website at

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