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Children of Lir

Children of Lir

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This is a limited edition print which we specially commisioned and illustrator Sarah Waterfield has captured the essence of the story 'Children of Lir' just beautifully. This is one of Irelands the best known tales. This story tells of Lir and his wife Aobh and their four children called Aodh, Fionnuala, Fiachra and Con. Lir's wife died and he married again. His new wife was called Aoife at first she loved the children dearly but after a time she grew jealous of their father's affection for them. One day she bore them away and put them under a spell and they were turned into four white swans.....

If you select the design here in our gallery it will be printed as one large image across the available fabric. If you would like to order a smaller or repeat image of this design, then please pop over to our 'Print on Demand' section of the website and select the drop down for 'Children of Lir' 

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