Catherine Buck

Catherine was born in Warwickshire, England and emigrated to the Co. Donegal coast in 1999. She studied fine art, specialising in ceramics at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technologies Centre for Creative Arts & Media and graduated with a first class honours in 2014.

Catherine's work is often a curation of ceramics, paintings and photography. She has exhibited her work in Donegal, Galway, Offaly and Dublin. Now in 2020, through Pixalili she is excited to be delving into the world of textile printing and design. Catherine is inspired by the ephemeral and her work is a by-product of creative play and exploration, lending itself to a type of meditation to reflect and process the intangible. It allows her to navigate between order and chaos.

Catherine uses repetition and reformation of elements to allow for a tangible sense of play. By engaging in textile printing and design she intends to explore and translate her attachment to repetition and reformation further.


Instagram: catherinehbuckartanddesign

Facebook: catherinehbuckartanddesign

As seen on RTE Nationwide November 17th 2020